Commercial Plumbing

Pipework or plumbing problems in commercial properties require professional support from qualified plumbers. From one off jobs to routine maintenance to prevent bigger issues, D&N Maintenance support customers throughout Wiltshire and the wider area.

We resolve leaking taps in offices, right up to project managing the installation of new washrooms in pubs, bars, schools or any commercial location. If you require a property plumbing partner, with the experience required to deal with boilers, pipework and drainage, give our team a call.

Our team are trained experts who handle any form of blockage, leak or flood in a timely way to resolve the problem fast. As Gas Safe engineers, we undertake all manner of plumbing and gasworks, replace water heaters, install, service and replace boilers and fit bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens. With a background in construction, our plumbers are available for new build developments and commercial projects, as well as for renovations and period property work.

Plumbing Repairs

We offer local commercial plumbing repairs ranging from broken taps to burst pipes. Our existing commercial clients trust our dedicated team that if there is plumbing work to be carried out, that we will go above and beyond to deliver a suitable fix.

Signs of commercial plumbing problems include slow draining sinks, dripping taps, sewage backup, poor water pressure and gurgling sounds. We will be quick to respond and complete any commercial plumbing repair work for a competitive price.

We offer the following commercial plumbing repair services –

  • Toilet Repairs
  • Tap Repairs
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Shower Repairs
  • Drainage Problems

Commercial Leak Detection

To find the source of a leak requires the knowledge of an experienced plumber. Damp patches, mould and mildew are not uncommon in commercial properties as the infrastructure is often not only large, but can be old too. If you discover that the water bill is unusually large, or come across any damp related issues, there may be a leak somewhere, which will require urgent action to prevent the problem worsening.

D&N Maintenance offers the following leak related services –

  • Leak Detection
  • Pipe Repairs
  • Burst/Frozen Pipes
  • Flooding

Contractors for Commercial Bathroom & Washroom Installations

D&N Maintenance installs major appliances and facilities in commercial bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens throughout the South. Leave all the complex fixtures, pipework, drainage, waste pipes and other infrastructure work in the capable hands of our commercial plumbing contractors.

Better still, once installed we are happy to offer ongoing maintenance and repairs allowing you to proceed with confidence that support will be on tap whenever you need it. We work with clients from the public sector completing installs in schools, healthcare facilities and offices, right through to leisure centres, hotels and restaurants.

We understand that in commercial environments a quick turnaround is required so that businesses can return to normal with minimal disruption.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

The best way to deal with drainage issues is prevention. We aim to keep on top of the plumbing maintenance for our commercial clients on a regular basis. Through careful project management, we are able to put a programme in place to ensure drains and plumbing are looked after correctly.

We make sure drainage disasters are avoided with regular drain maintenance, keeping pipework, toilets, washrooms, septic tanks and gulleys in working order. We use drain jetting equipment and drainage unblocking tools to stop drainage damage in its tracks.

Aside from visiting commercial sites in the healthcare, education and retail sectors for maintenance, we deliver emergency commercial drainage services too, with our team available to resolve all your drainage problems including blocked drains, excavations and installations.

Why Choose D&N Maintenance as Your Commercial Plumbing Company?

A key benefit in choosing D&N Maintenance as your commercial plumbing company is our range of expertise. We have been in the construction industry for over ten years, working with housing and commercial developers and therefore have a wide range of skills that allow us to offer an all in one service.

Aside from commercial plumbing, we are commercial electricians, heating experts and decorating professionals. Many of our services interlink, meaning that if you are looking for a partner to take care of a commercial property or facility, we will be able to deliver a high standard of work across all trades.

We are able to project manage, complete all work on site and when required, liaise with local councils, building control and, specifically for commercial plumbing, the Water Board when required.

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