Air Conditioning

Controlling the temperature in the workplace is important for the wellbeing and happiness of employees.

The D&N Maintenance team are experienced in the installation, servicing and repair of commercial air conditioning units for commercial customers including those in the public sector, healthcare, offices, retail, education, leisure or any location where commercial air con units are in use.

What is Commercial Air Con?

Commercial Air Con cools and heats the air in larger commercial properties such as offices, shops, cafes, restaurants, schools, leisure centres, gyms and public buildings such as hospitals. Air conditioning units also help to manage the air quality and the humidity within commercial buildings.

Air conditioning takes inside air and either adds heat or cools it to the desired temperature before recycling it back into the property. The size of the space the air con unit is being used for will affect the required equipment, but by consulting an air con expert from D&N Maintenance, it will ensure you get all the advice you need ahead of selecting an air conditioning system.

Our Commercial Air Con Services

Our air con specialists are able to supply and fit new air conditioning units, as well as service and repair existing units.

Air Conditioning Installation

Investing in new air conditioning equipment will improve the working environment for staff and equip the space for those days in the summer when the temperature rises to uncomfortable levels. Equally, commercial HVAC installations will ensure optimal temperatures throughout the year. Our team will source and supply the perfect air conditioning equipment, and install it ready to use.

Planned Commercial Air Conditioning Services

The longevity of commercial air conditioning relies on the regular maintenance of the unit and equipment. Scheduling a regular service will mean the D&N Maintenance team will run quality checks to make certain that systems are working properly and safely. We offer annual or periodic packages for customers looking to maintain their air conditioning or HVAC units.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

When there is a problem with the air con, it is important to act quickly and arrange an emergency repair. Our team of air con experts will visit the site and get things back in working order with a long-term fix. Planned maintenance reduces the likelihood of running into issues such as this, and project management from a reputable maintenance company will leave your air conditioning in excellent working condition.

Commercial HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems or HVAC keep temperatures at a comfortable level, as well as controlling the humidity and improving the air quality. Aside from heating or cooling modern buildings, HVAC systems keep the air clean by circulating air inside the building with fans and through filtration systems.

HVAC systems should be subject to regular preventative maintenance and check-ups including cleaning and inspecting all HVAC components including refrigerant levels, cooling systems, ignition systems, control systems, filters and thermostats.

HVAC Systems are suited for controlling the temperature and air quality in larger buildings.

Helping Commercial Air Conditioning Clients

Our team have the expertise in commercial air con units to be able to survey buildings ahead of fitting cooling systems, discuss the exact requirements with the client and quote for the new installation of a commercial air con system.

In terms of the ongoing upkeep, D&N Maintenance offer repair and regular servicing options, helping to diagnose and fix faults before they become a larger issue. We conduct planned maintenance programmes to keep air con units in excellent working order.

Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance

An air conditioning system requires a service at the very minimum once every 12 months. We advise that when having a new air conditioning system installed to check the warranty and follow the manufacturers’ service guidelines.

Key Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioning

The main benefit of commercial air conditioning is a happier and healthier workforce. Commercial air con units ensure the working environment is neither too hot, nor too cold so that workers can be more productive.

Not only this, air con units improve the air quality removing dust and dirt particles.

Why Choose D&N Maintenance?

D&N Maintenance delivers commercial air conditioning installations, maintenance and repair to clients from a huge range of industries.

Our qualified HVAC and Air Conditioning engineers maintain, and repair air-conditioning and heating systems to the highest standards at properties across the South.

If you are looking to install a new Commercial Air Conditioning system, improve an existing system or require repair work, get in touch with D&N Maintenance and speak to our dedicated team of experts.

We understand that property managers and those responsible for commercial buildings need access to multiple trades, and with electricians, plumbers, heating engineers and decorators at our disposal; D&N are the perfect commercial property partner.

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